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Roz Martinez is a Seattle-based artist working predominantly in graphite and ink. She grew up on the east coast, learning how to express herself visually from her mother and grandmother, both of whom studied art extensively. These women were powerful voices in her life and she honors them in works exploring feminine power and complex natures.


In her Black and Gold Series, Roz draws from the surrealist and art nouveau traditions blending weightless forms with fluid motion. Rendered in a classical style, the figures in her work are overtaken by a black void in which they are suspended. However, the power the figure contains or grows from unites the subject lending it strength in spite of the darkness. The power shines through the darkness - the gold in the black.

In her paintings, Roz uses bold, highly saturated color.  Many of these works are inspired by myths and legends.  She continues to develop her painting style while remaining consistent in portraying feminine power and complexity.

Dabbling in all art forms, Roz also is an accomplished leather worker and wood craftswoman.

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